Parking Garages

Parking garage structures, especially in northern climates, are prone to structural deterioration due to repeated exposure to water and de-icing salts brought into the garages by water dripping from vehicles or by simple exposure to the elements on an unprotected parking deck.

BC&E’s professional engineers have extensive experience in evaluating and designing repairs for the range of problems that typically occur with older parking garages and which are sometimes required to maintain newer garages. These problems include deterioration of the surface of the concrete slabs, corrosion of mild steel and post-tensioning reinforcement, corrosion of steel decks supporting concrete slabs, cracking of double-tee and spandrel beams, and failed waterproofing systems. BC&E’s evaluations often include the use of non-destructive technologies to locate embedded reinforcing steel, sampling and testing of concrete for materials properties and chloride content, structural analyses of the garage structure, load-testing of concrete slabs, and the design of structural repairs.

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