Cementitious Stucco and Thin Stone Veneer

Cementitious stucco systems, whether traditional three-coat systems or proprietary one-coat systems, are popular claddings for both residential and commercial buildings. These systems are constructed with a variety of materials, mixes, and assemblies, and rely on installation practices and skill. Design elements of the building façade and the common practice of interfacing cementitious stucco systems with other cladding materials can make these installations relatively complex and prone to problems with cracking, staining, and premature deterioration.

Natural and synthetic thin stone adhered veneers are similar to cementitious stucco systems, in that the thin stone is usually adhered to a cementitious base coat system. They can be exhibit problems with cracking, staining, debonding of the stone, and premature deterioration of the base coat and thin stone.

Through numerous evaluations, BC&E’s personnel have developed expertise in evaluating problems with cementitious stucco systems and thin stone veneers, and designing repairs to address such problems. BC&E personnel often work closely with plastering subcontractors in effecting such repairs, and observing the repair work. BC&E also offers consulting services to architects during the design phase to facilitate proper detailing of cementitious stucco systems and thin stone veneers.

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