Paint, Coatings, and Sealants

Paint and other high-performance coatings are used not only to increase the aesthetic appearance of a building, but also to protect and enhance the performance of the cladding system to which they are applied. On existing buildings, the cladding system is usually evaluated so that appropriate paint or coating materials, preparation, and installation methods can be determined.


Sealants are most often used at joints, transitions between cladding systems and windows and doors, and at penetrations through the wall, to reduce the risk of water penetration at these locations. Joint profiles, movement expectations, exposure conditions, building aesthetics, and substrate materials and conditions all play a role in the design and selection of sealant joint materials and systems.

During the evaluation of numerous cladding systems, BC&E’s personnel have developed experience in the evaluation and design of a wide-variety paint, coating, and sealant materials, systems, and details. BC&E’s capabilities include on-site evaluation of paint, coating, and sealant materials to evaluate their potential performance in existing applications.

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