Low Slope Roofing Systems

Low-slope roofing systems endure some of the most harsh and difficult environmental conditions on a building. They must remain completely watertight even with high winds, severe storms, hail, and snow accumulations. In addition, they must be resistant to fire and traffic on the roof to service rooftop mechanical equipment. The potential combinations of roofing materials and systems are vast, with many different types of roofing membranes (built-up, modified bitumen, single ply, and fluid applied) with many different types of applications (ballasted, mechanically attached, fully adhered, and self adhered). Selecting the appropriate materials, system, and installation method for low-slope roofs is frequently technically challenging.

BC&E has addressed these challenges for multiple building owners, property managers, contractors, and municipalities. BC&E’s expertise allows for the selection of appropriate roofing systems that meet the client’s needs, as well as the development of the numerous roofing details that each project specifically requires.