Exterior Plazas and Rooftop Terraces

Horizontal waterproofing systems are utilized in exterior plazas, rooftop terraces, and balconies. In many cases, these systems are constructed over finished, occupied spaces and require an exceptionally high level of protection against water leakage with a long service life. The design of horizontal waterproofing systems is challenging due to the wide variety of conditions which these systems will encounter. Exposure to harsh environmental conditions play a significant role in the selection of materials and assemblies. Performance and aesthetic design considerations for both intensive vehicular and pedestrian usage includes the appropriate selection of pavement or decking materials, and correct integration of related architectural features, such as stairways, handrails and guardrails, planters, water features, pools, hot tubs, and exterior furnishings. Improper design and construction of these systems can cause significant damage and can be extremely disruptive and costly to repair.

BC&E’s professionals understand the importance of these features, and know that proper selection materials, attention to details, and quality installation of waterproofing and pavement systems is critical to the success of these systems. By evaluating hundreds of performance problems associated with plazas and rooftop terraces, BC&E has developed expertise in correcting such problems. BC&E utilizes this expertise in designing repairs for plazas and rooftop terraces of all sizes, and provides valuable consulting services related to these features in new construction projects.

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