Foundation Walls

Proper design and installation of below-grade waterproofing systems on foundation walls is essential to maintain a high-level of protection against water leakage over the long-term, particularly where basement areas are intended to be occupied. Site conditions can create unique challenges which include high groundwater levels, unusual soil conditions, and site/lot limitations, and are important factors in the selection and design of below-grade waterproofing systems. Water leakage problems through below-grade waterproofing systems are often difficult and expensive to correct, and the damage caused by water leakage can range from merely unsightly staining to significant problems with structural deterioration, among other things.

BC&E’s professional expertise has allowed for unique insight into problems with these types of features. In addition to permitting BC&E to develop unique solutions to addressing these problems, BC&E has the know-how to design these systems to reduce the risk of future problems in the design of these features in new buildings and additions. BC&E’s familiarity and knowledge of waterproofing systems and detailing during the design and construction stages facilitates their long-term success.

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