Below-Slab Waterproofing and Tanked Structures

In some instances, building structures are required to be located below the permanent groundwater level, resulting in a “tanked” structure. In other instances, the lower-level floor slabs-on-grade may be exposed to hydrostatic water pressure, and may require below-slab waterproofing to protect the building interior from water leakage. These unique conditions require a thorough understanding of the site and soil conditions, the groundwater conditions, the structure, and the performance use and expectations related to the building interior.

BC&E has developed the expertise to address these types of structures and conditions, aimed at providing the long-term performance expected by building owners. From evaluating the structure’s unique features and the exposure conditions, BC&E has the experience to develop recommendations for waterproofing materials, systems, design, and detailing, as well as address back-up and redundant systems to mitigate potential problems.

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