Design Reviews

BC&E personnel routinely provide a variety of consulting services on new construction on behalf of building owners, developers, architects, and contractors. While design review services usually are tailored to each specific project, design reviews often occur relatively early in the design process, typically at the early stages of Design Development. Discussions regarding owner expectations and overall design concepts and systems to satisfy those expectations can create a platform from which the building design can progress. Design reviews during the Construction Documents stage facilitate the development of materials and systems specifications and design details to improve overall coordination of the design of the project, and indicate areas where construction challenges may exist.


In some cases, the design review process extends into the submittal and shop drawing stages, and for particular projects, into the mock-up design and testing process. On occasion, the design and construction documents do not fully indicate conditions which are encountered in the field; in these instances, BC&E staff can provide construction observation services and recommendations to the design and construction team in resolving such conditions.


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